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moving ♥ please add the new journal!


We had a new lawn decoration at 12:30 am last night :DD

A drunk driver decided to take the curb too hard and managed to hit the tree and roll onto our lawn.

Two feet to the right he would've either totalled my car, or he would have hit the house.

The amazing thing is that the guy somehow got out of the car and had enough coherency to run away. But the cops got him.


I'm going to make a shopping icon when I feel like going downstairs. Because I really want one for posts like this.

This is just ramblings about what I want to blow my paycheck on for school stuff. Which is mostly makeup. Because I fell completely in love with Lorac and Shadowbox. And I hate that the closest Sephora is in Seattle. Dammit.

...Yes I am in a strange organizational mood as of late. But its not that organized anyways. And this is to be added to.

Make-Up! WoohooCollapse )

296 - Betting Wrong Fanmix



I need an icon make over. Maybe sometime today I'll go icon hunting or making. One of the two. As I don't have work today apparently (I was only ticket tearing anyways, so I would have been sent home regardless), and Matt hasn't called back yet, I may go do that.

Work was long this weekend, but omg, yesterday cracked me. Most of it was Kenny and I bitching each other out, and him throwing ice down my shirt. Oh and beating Joey up. And Taylor screwing up his till when I ordered a water from him XD I love the people I work with sometimes. Depends on who it is.

Eric and I saw Mamma Mia yesterday (and yes, ponyclock, it still is very wtf-worthy even the second time). I tripped in front of a bunch of people and they all laughed. And I have rugburn. Wow I'm typing in a bunch of sentence fragments.

Matt needs to calllllllll. Ergh. I'll attempt to call in a second.

...I still miss NYFA.

I'm in an odd shopping mood today. Good thing I'm with Matt and not Eric XD I can take Matt shopping and he won't complain haha.

Umumum....Well. Mac might be going to Amanda's party. And Eric and I are going to try and not make it awkward. But we have to bring swimsuits cause we're going to the lake, and I'd rather not be half naked in front of him kthxbai, though it would prove that I have no chest haha. We'll see how it goes.

Arielle's wedding is on Saturday too. I'm so happy for her.

...This post has no substance whatsoever.


This week was exhausting.

The middle school girls (and guy) were annoying as fuck.

I wanted to tear my hair out or curl up and die some of the time.

But you know what? It was worth it.

It was worth seeing some of those girls grow tremendously over the week and break out of their shell.

Let the sunshine in.

Love is the bridge to peace.


I love how Eric is the first guy I call when I need to go guy watching.

Too bad all the hot guys we saw today were gay. Well. It was good for him. Not so much for me.

Camp tomorrow ♥ I'm so freaking excited. And then U of M camp next week.

Text me if you need to get a hold of me - I'll be able to access net on my phone I think though.

...and randomly, I hate how spiteful of a person I become around Shane. He's so toxic and I get sucked into it.

273 - Almost Lovers FST

So there is this boy that caught her attention at the beginning of the year. He wasn't necessarily a constant presence - but whenever she saw him in the hallway, she wanted to get to know him. Needless to say, she never realized that she would be getting in over her head and that he would change her life.

Because you honestly can't fall in love with someone you've only known for a month or so. Right?

Maybe they did.

You Can't Fall In Love Within A Month. Unless You Fell Before You Knew Them.Collapse )




I got a superior on my flute solo, my SAX solo, and hopefully jazz band.

Guess who's going to state~? ♥

Though the flute lady wasn't that helpful :/ the sax ajudicator was amazing - he asked some questions and I explained I played flute and he knew exactly how to help me fix my tone issues.

Oh, and the best quotes of the week:

"I can buy sex, but I can't buy suffering" ~ Our wonderful English teacher Mrs. Brown

"Hitler wasn't an idiot. Hitler was actually a genius that brought Germany out of the depression. Hitler...is like Voldemort!!!" ~ A conversation about Silence gone off track by John Watkins



Today was amazing. I absolutely love my cast for my play ♥

...Though it doesn't help I really like the guy I casted, and one of my freshie's older brothers. Oops.

It's amazing though. They are a great group of people, and seeing Mac play "Would you be my duckie-wuckie?" was the funniest shit EVER.

Except we had like this stalker lady. We moved outside City Brew to play games and she was just...driving slowly by. With her window down. Smiling. So as she's slooowly driving away we wave...and she waves back. And Mac made a "creeper" comment and we joked how she was hitting on him.

And then there was a hot guy. And Mac had left, so we typically acted like a giggling group of girls. Haha.

Either way. Going to the play tonight with Eric, and I'll hopefully get to do something tomorrow ♥